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What is Franchising?

Franchising is a formatted way of doing business that allows you the use of a brand’s trademark, marketing programs, and operating systems, and provides accessibility to professional support.

Franchising maintains 90% profitability

The release of the latest survey figures on the UK’s franchise industry reveals that franchising is weathering the storm of the credit crunch
“There is little indication so far of the recession having a severe impact on the franchise industry. It seems franchised businesses are in a much stronger position as they have the protection of a proven business model and brand.”
The British Franchise’ Association/NatWest 2009 UK Franchise Survey has placed the total economic contribution of the country’s franchising activity in 2008 at £11.4 billion. With the start of the recession hitting during this period, this represents an eight per cent drop from the £12.4 billion generated the previous year but a still impressive increase on the £10.8 billion reported in 2007.

Why Franchise?

Do you have the time, resources and energy to run a marathon, or are you in a dash to the finish line? If you are in a hurry to succeed, the benefits of owning a franchise are many and include:

  • The franchisor has done the research and development—invested in and tested the business model—reducing the risk of failure and improving your odds for success.
  • You will open with immediate awareness, and benefit from the appeal and trust consumers have in the brand name.
  • You are part of a larger entity. With strength in numbers, you realise economies of scale in purchasing power across vendors and the media.
  • Typically, no experience is necessary. In fact, most franchisors will want to train you in their way of doing business. You’ll receive initial training to open and to operate the business, and on-going training to enhance operating efficiencies and effectiveness.
  • You will have well-honed, turnkey systems to run your business.
  • You will receive customizable marketing materials and a promotion schedule to grow your business.
  • You will have a network of franchise peers to consult with, and a home-office staff of experienced professionals for on-going support and counsel.
  • You can start your business with an exit strategy.
  • The franchisor has a shared interest in your success. A franchisor does not want you to fail.


Franchising for Dummies
Published by Hungry Minds
Co-authored by Dave Thomas, Founder/CEO Wendy’s International and Michael Seid, Managing Director Michael H. Seid & Associates