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A Booming Industry with Growth Potential

Not every homeowner is a professional handyman with time to spare. These time-conscious baby boomers and two-income families want a “one-stop” solution for every major and minor home repair. Their professional choice is the same as yours- Mr. Handyman, the Uk & Irelands trusted home repair business. We fill a unique need by helping prioritize and efficiently manage repairs that increase home values. Your home improvement business helps the millions of homeowners who have billions of pounds of home repairs on one long “To Do” list. And you could manage one of our many successful home improvement businesses that check items off the list, giving customers peace of mind.

An In-Demand Home Improvement Business

Making regular home repairs protects home values, which is why Approximately 25 million homeowners undertake some type of home improvement project each year, according to research from

  • Encouraging home owners to maintain their homes:
    Initiatives in the Bellenden Renewal Area, Peckham
  • The English House Condition Survey (EHCS) (DETR, 1998b) probably provides the most accurate estimate of expenditure, estimating and aggregate 31.5 billion spend by householders, some 28 billion of this (89% of total) by owner-occupiers.
  • From several years experience working in the sector the author believes that home owners fail to carry out necessary works for a variety of reasons even where they are eligible for grant assistance.
    These include: Lack of trust in builders; bad publicity for them in the media recently; problems in the past of shoddy building work.