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Mr Handyman (part of Service Brands International)  has appointed independent consultants to source trusted business partners who will see the potential to leverage profits from their existing business by bringing their outsourced maintenance in-house. Our consultants will -next step

  • Identify the appropriate Estate/Letting Agents in areas across the country to establish trusted business partners in the estate/letting agent sector. Is this you?
  • Make no charge for the service as Mr Handyman will take all costs incurred  in providing  you with a consultation, so it’s free of charge to you.
  • Compile a detailed report specific to your business on the merits of bringing your maintenance in-house, the additional profits that can be achieved and the added value to your overall business.
  • Visit at a convenient time to discuss the merits of the Mr Handyman proposal with you.
Partnering  an international brand will add an unrivalled professionalism to your business locally avoiding the challenges faced when outsourcing work to others, who are representing your company.
  • Are they fully insured?                 mr handyman pledge
  • Are they CRB checked?
  • Are they branded and uniformed?
  • Are they customer serviced trained?
  • Do they add value to your business?
  • Do you have control over quality and cost?


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