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Redundancy & Business Opportunities Part 1

According to the European Employment Rights Act 1996, an employee is dismissed by reason of redundancy if the dismissal is wholly or mainly attributable to the fact that the employer ceases to carry on the business in which the employee was employed, or ceases to carry on that business in the place where the employee was employed.  A redundancy will also occur when the business need for employees to carry out a particular kind of work has ceased or diminished.

So it’s clear your do not become redundant your job does. Of course no money or great stories compensates for the shock of someone losing their job, after all it had been a way of life for you with some good friends who now may drift to a different path. But you must now grasp this change there are many who will say that redundancy has been the best thing that has ever happened to them, who are now enjoying great success, doing something they really like, operating at their own pace, making there own decisions and earning a lot more money for themselves and their family, and most of all never letting the horror of redundancy happen to them again.

Banks in the UK say those who avail of franchising opportunities are the most successful start  they are and by a distance.

It is because of the ongoing support and back up of the franchisor, who has a tried and tested formula to run the business, so the risk is significantly less.

Taking an opportunity in Franchising is a great way to achieve business success there are so many franchises to choose from, the choices are from, working local, husband and wife teams, father and sons, or on your own, Management Franchises are coming fast for the white collar.

So is it that this redundancy has presented you with a great chance to tackle that notion you have always flirted with of working for yourself, a chance for a change to do something new with the freedom that self employment brings. Of course it has.  It has also given you choice, but YOU HAVE GOT TO TAKE IT.  I know many who have taken that leap, but I must say I know not one who has gone back.

For those who believe no proof is necessary

For those who do not believe no proof will suffice.

Redundancy can be your route to franchise opportunities.


Redundancy & Business Opportunities Part 2

Redundancy. Very often it comes out of the blue, delivered coldly in what appears to be a heartless manner and of course it is a big shock. This horror called Redundancy can leave you feeling hopeless that you have let everybody down and you have no idea what to do next.                              

What can you do, many thousands have been given this challenge in recent years and yet unbelievably Redundancy can be a God send. You will remember the bird that was kicked out of the nest and then he flew. There is great opportunity in Redundancy for those who can grasp it, like a career change, do what you always wanted to do and that is to work for yourself. Never allow Redundancy happen to you again.  There are many good Franchise Opportunities out there for you now - you have choice, your life can change greatly if you start your own business. Franchising is a great way to do this, why franchising you might ask. Well let us take a look -

You get a business that is tried and tested along with the expertise of the Franchisor and on-going Training, along with the secure knowledge you will not be on your own.
Researching a number of Franchise Opportunities and selecting one that suits your needs reduces your risk in starting a new business. You do not have to convince the bank your idea is workable.
The franchisor must give support a lot of it, training must be on-going, and it must be forever as change comes fast. Change is an essential ingredient for success. At Mr.HandymanFranchise we have learned and understand fully that for franchisee business owners to be successful the support and training must be on-going, it must never stop. The franchisee should never be on their own, there is no better way for the franchisor to be successful, than to make sure the franchisees are successful.

David Ambinder having been made Redundant from his Vice Presidents position at Lehman Bros , this bank boss bought himself a Mr Handyman Franchise in New Jersey, you can hear what he has to say about coming from a high flying career in finance to grasping a franchise opportunity. The BBC news bulletin can be viewed at Click on BUSINESS WEEK at the same address. So shake off the past the future is forward. See this Redundancy as a positive and take advantage of it. Research all the Franchise Opportunities out there and choose one you like
28% of MrHandyman owners are women who have noticed that Franchising has great opportunities for the Entrepreneur.


The Shoe Salesman

This is a story of two English Shoe Salesmen Fred and Ben.

Both were sent to Africa to evaluate the market for Shoe Sales. Representing two different Companies both visited within weeks of each other.

Fred’s Survey took one day, sending a telegram home, he wrote I have seen all I want to see here and I am returning home.  No Africans wear shoes here it is normal and acceptable to walk barefoot so I return home tomorrow there is no market.

Bens Survey was much more brief and only took 3 hours, he too wrote home, only to say I will stay here for as long as possible, can you send me as many samples as you can, I will need help this is an absolute gem of a market nobody has shoes or wears shoes we will make a fortune.

Fred’s Story on his return home was deemed to be true and that is how he believed it, a view that was accepted by his Superiors. Fred and his Company will not be selling shoes in Africa.

Ben’s Story is also true his company did send the samples to Africa and it became a very big market for the company.

When Ben meets Fred at the annual shoe convention the story will go.

Fred -   I hear you have been doing a bit down in Africa we had a look, it is not our cup of tea, of course your product style is different than ours, but it is a brave move by you.  Africans do not buy shoes they like to go bare footed.

Ben – They do not have product style, they have no styles to compare we sell them shoes because I saw they had nothing on their feet.

Fred’s story is believable until you hear Ben’s. But if you do not hear Bens story You will accept Fred’s lie as real.

The great difference between Ben and Fred is Ben is a Real and True Entrepreneur.  Ben saw a positive opportunity when Negative Fred saw no opportunity at all, yet both surveyed the same situation.



He is someone who has observed a problem and seen opportunity, this is the true Entrepreneur.  If you work in a large institution and feel frustrated, trapped and do not like what you do, well you too could be a candidate.  Perhaps redundancy has presented you with an opportunity to rethink how you want your life to move forward.  There are real opportunities out there for you Common traits can indicate an entrepreneurial personality. The entrepreneurial adult often shows as an entrepreneurial youngster. A desire to succeed is greater among those whose backgrounds show an extra drive to fit into society.  Entrepreneurs are driven not by the need to make money, but by the need to make their dreams a reality. More often than not, money is a by-product of an entrepreneur’s motivation rather than the motivation itself.  The Armed Forces have many great examples of entrepreneurs –the list of achievers is more evident than in any other institution or industry.  Obvious traits include – lack of fear, follow the known practice and accomplish, teamwork and motivation.  Above all they are participants not observers.  All these traits are a necessary requirement in the business world.

In 1964 as a boy of thirteen years I left school to go to work with a clear goal to succeed.  I did not know exactly at what, at 25 years of age I was in business for myself and later I would sell four of the five companies I had started and on further reflection from 1964 I was never unemployed for one single day or received any state benefits even through recessions. (These were the early signs of success and being an Entrepreneur)

Entrepreneurs are participants, not observers; they are players, not fans.  To be an entrepreneur is to be an optimist, to believe that with the right amount of time, you can achieve your goals.  Never seek advice or opinions from those who do not share your enthusiasm or drive.

In my own personal case I could always see the end game. Anything that arose between the Idea and the end game could be overcome, for me these were just issues to be overcome and as I could see the end game that would have to happen.  I would always expect challenges and know that I would have to overcome them.  This is part of making things happen.

Serene he stands amongst the flowers,

And only counts life’s sunny hours

For him dull days do not exist The brazen face old Optimist

 The more that say No it is impossible,

The more that say there is a recession there is no point, and then there are the ones that say What If this or that happens

Read the Signs there is so much less competition for success.


The following is a quote sent to me about some comments I made on a website recently and of course my reply:

Quote: “ You have made sweeping statements that fear is not real, and yet it is. I know for me, as a small business that is growing; decisions have consequences.
For example, the price of paper is set to increase after September… should I buy extra now and pay for storage? Should I just pass the increases onto my customers? If I pay for storage, where will store it appropriately? Do I opt for an inferior paper to keep my prices keen?
Each of those scenarios has a consequence, the situation is out of my control, and no amount of positive thinking or action is going to change the fact that something in and about my business will change, and people don’t like change.  Fear…the fear that my decision is the right one, with the least negative impact.
The only time I haven’t had fear in business, was when the money wasn’t mine. I contracted to BT as a cost savings project manager, but at no point did I have any fear, because it wasn’t my money, I didn’t care…they were still going to pay my wages.
When it comes to small businesses, our reputation is everything, referrals come from it, everything we do has to be good…it’s the only way we grow…so I think there is a fear, and if you lose your fear, it’s because you don’t care.”  End of Quote.

SAME SCENARIO  -  From the mind of an Entrepreneur
Price of paper is going up in September, Great Opportunity, my competitors are bigger than I, THEY HAVE MORE TO LOOSE.

LIKE: Some of their clients will be looking for an excuse to change.
Some will have been paying more than they should anyway, the suppliers will now be found out for being greedy.
Some will have been receiving bad service, customers have been unhappy for a time, will now change as they have an excuse.
If I up my marketing and sales for the next couple of months I could cash in here and I protect my % share or better still -  grow it.
A real and rare opportunity, people will now test the market, I need to make sure I get enough quotes out and take advantage of this great opportunity

It is this type of opportunity that an Entrepreneur will see when others may just see FEAR.  His personal life will also reflect this.  Of course we will all see it after we are shown.  The magicians trick is difficult to see and understand and when it is explained we disregard it as silly, but then we do not know how he does the next one.


The Knife Sharpener

While having a local lonely lunch, a feeble male figure entered the restaurant and caught my eye. Wearing a white butcher type hat and white coat, dragging a leg, not a recent injury I would have thought. The man in his early sixties to give him the benefit, found an access to go behind the counter between the till and a supporting pillar I had not noticed before. From his pocket he removed a fresh pair of hygienic gloves and placed them on his ageless hands that would have served him and his family well through his working life and a few more it seems. A very quick tour, and the lapse of seconds had the leg dragging pensioner moving towards the main exit clutching a clean fresh plastic bag concealing its contents from view.

Tucking into the menu special grilled fish and oven baked vegetables I was disturbed, he had reappeared some 10 or 12 minutes later, repeating the first entry exactly, the leg had not cured in 10 minutes. As he went behind the kitchen counter, only him I thought could get under the feet of the snowman like figure with the funny hat at lunch time and live. He removed from the same bag, 1 then 2,3,4 ……9 knives, placing them exactly where they lay 10 minutes earlier.  His next leg drag was in my direction, being the only loner occupying a high table, he beckoned for permission to place a receipt book on the edge of the table and wrote 9 knives sharpened @ 2 euro each = 18 euro + vat 13.5% 2.43  total 20.43 euro and signed Tom Maguire the Knife Sharpener.

As silent as his entry he slipped the receipt quicker than a Vegas card shark to the waiter who was never intending to stop. While drawing a sharp intake of breath, onto the next customer he smiled to me.

How many visits for you I enquired, I do 3 an hour for 5 hours a day 4 days a week every week, he proudly told me, I have it down to a tee. Another proud moment for him.  Quote – “I was made redundant, did not get a penny, the kip was broke (his words) I lost my pension, been there 39 years £28,500 per a year is what I got. I could sit at home and feel sorry for myself like some of my colleagues, but it would not get me £52,000 a year doing 5 hours a day only 4 days a week.  It was a blessing in disguise; The Job may be Redundant but never the Man” Unquote. A great moment and a great story for those who want to listen to the MESSAGE

The Job may be Redundant, But never the Man.


TOM thanks for the message I AM SURE THEY WILL HEAR YOU