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We Assist Estate/Letting Agents In Leveraging Profits and a whole lot more

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Increase the value of your business by bringing maintenance in-house and substantially increasing profitshouse

The Mr. Handyman Business Model is designed to seamlessly fit into the operations of your Estate/Letting Agency without distraction. Using the Mr. Handyman System and on-going backup your CSR will Drive this Division of your Business and increase the value of your Company.

Profit Matters

With the Estate/Letting Agency sector becoming more regulated the industry will need to be offering the best professional customer service possible. Some agents have incorporated coffee shops into their agencies others have spoken about one stop shops offering many services. To manage the obvious growth ahead agencies will  become more professional and better than each of their competitors in more ways than one to survive.  Even if your competition is a Google or Coca Cola you’ve got to find a way to do the dastardly devils a disservice.  Now for the amazingly good news: you’re a small business. This means you’re more adaptable and you’re already better than big brands in lots of ways.
But let’s get something straight right now: being cheaper than a competitor is not your only weapon and maybe it’s not a good one. All too often, we see business owners at their absolute wits’ end because a rival is undercutting them on price, and they can’t keep up. Trying to compete on cost is a race to the bottom – you squeeze your margins so paper-thin you’re left with nothing. If you can compete on price, brilliant. If you can’t, being more professional and reliable than the rest is a great place to be offering a more, trusted, safer and better professional weed killer services than your competition and Background.inddthis will give you a massive advantage. This is where Mr Handyman the largest employer of tradesmen in the world can help you be that difference

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Mr Handyman Safer to use
This is a particularly important one as your customers are likely to want peace of mind employing Tradesmen that are, Fully Qualified, Uniformed, Branded, Insured, CRB Checked, Customer service trained, Guaranteed to arrive on time, Clean up after themselves, and their point of contact will always be Joan their customer service manager who schedules the work and stays with them from start to finish. Your customer will know what they are getting with Mr Handyman and you will get great reviews satisfied tenants and very happy landlords. Having your own Mr Handyman Maintenance Team will enhance your Professional image and add real value to your business.

A happy tenant makes a happy landlord.