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Discover the value of partnering Mr Handyman

Be introduced to the Handyman Franchise Value

Our model gives you all the tools you need to bring your maintenance in-house

As a business owner you need three components to succeed: customers who are interested in your service, the tools and brand presence for them to find your company and the safe, reliable, and professional commitment that the Mr. Handyman brand is known to deliver.


No one in the home improvement service industry is better at delivering customer service than Mr. Handyman. Our unrivaled marketing and sales support includes:
• Customisable web pages for each individual partner that work as a low cost, yet highly-effective tool to generate customers and employees.
• Social media support
• Direct mail programs
• A library of professional branded materials including interactive advertising elements and radio adstop 500

Many individuals associate the home repair business with unprofessional service and inconsistent quality, the brand we’ve built conveys a  different expectation. The look of our vehicles, our uniformed staff, our call protocols, our website — all reinforce Mr. Handyman’s reliable, excellent service. The time, money, and energy we’ve spent building our brand will really payoff as you set about building your business.

Then follow the model

Our proven franchise model helps you do everything from hiring your first technician, to placing your first Mr. Handyman ad.
We’ll show you how to use our systems to effectively recruit, train, and motivate experienced and reliable employees.

To help you manage your day-to-day operations, we provide:
• Business manuals
• Audio CD’s and DVD’s
• An intranet communications system to help you and your team stay attuned to the market
• Annual conventions
• Business Management Advise which is always just a visit or phone call away