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Phone Box

Many years ago down a main street in Dublin I headed to a couple of phone boxes to make a call, one box was empty and a queue of about five or six people had formed at the other, in front of me a women headed for the empty call box when she was beckoned by the second on the queue telling her that the phone there was not working, so she took her place on the queue.

Not fancying the wait I headed for the empty phone box when the same person beckoned me, I ignored the call and went into the box I pushed all the buttons and some coins popped out and the sound of call tone happened, I successfully made my call, when I finished the guy with the big mouth gave me an earful saying I should have let the next person use the phone first.

So the message and there are many in this little story is-

I was a participant not an observer

I was a player, not a fan and I was the only one who believed the phone might work.

I was optimistic and above all I was not afraid to be wrong in front of the mouth and the rest of the people on the queue I did not care what he thought it’s none of his business if I go to the empty phone.

FEAR IS NOT REAL you the person create it.

So even in the slightest situation the Entrepreneur is still at work he makes his life easy the people on the queue were sheep following a fool. Every positive move you make in life will be met by ten negative ones as this is the purpose of the negative and the challenge for the positive. Stop do not be different than me, do not do better than me, we should all stay together THAT’S THE NEGATIVE ,THEY LIVE IN FEAR and the big concern is they can make great sense of it,

Tell your neighbour you are moving to a bigger house or a work colleague that you are changing job and just wait for the negative reaction keep your ears open when others are making changes and hear the same negative reactions.  Avoid loud, aggressive and negative fools and do not be lead by them, there are plenty around you

The link below highlights a great and true story of Ray Kroc who at 52 years old took the  McDonald food chain from one  shop in 1954 and now there 31,000 outlets worldwide so its never to late to believe

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